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Wat onze
klanten zeggen

"Foodpost! Dat wordt genieten
vanavond! Dessert van
@pots_and_co en thee van Lekker! 
De roasted hazelnut & chocolate
pot heft het helaas niet gehaald
tot na het eten"

"Algelopen week kregen we
de desserts van @pots_and_co
om te testen. Deze hazelnoot
chocolade was veruit favoriet"

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Our team of chefs, who have worked at some amazing restaurants (including Bath Priory, and The Square), are fanatical about the best ingredients, ethically sourced, and British grown or manufactured where possible. It’s why we use real Devon cream and Cornish Sea Salt, and why we know our fruit farmer Ted’s best jokes!

There’s not a chance that we would have preservatives or additives anywhere near our Pots, and there are no shortcuts in the cooking process. There is, however, classical training mixed with passion and flair in our kitchen and that’s why we believe our Pots are that extra bit special. 

We know that you want a pudding that is effortless to move from fridge (to oven) to table and each of our Pots is prepared and served in its own special ramekin. It guarantees perfect results, looks beautiful, and means that you get the colourful ceramic Pots to reuse again and again.



Albert Hein